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After-School Club Cirencester

Mighty Oaks (at the) Clubhouse – MOCs

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Mighty Oaks at The Clubhouse – MOCs – Cirencester

Children are registered at Powell’s School at 3.15pm (other schools meet up at different times) and we then walk over to The Clubhouse. If necessary, we do a second registration to collect children who have attended an after school activity run by the school.

The Clubhouse has a fabulous walled garden with varied enriching activities. Inside we have a spacious hall and several smaller rooms all kitted out with lots of age appropriate resources.

Sometimes we go to Abbey Grounds and enjoy the wide open spaces and play equipment; Cirencester park is minutes away for woodland walks and nature exploration; but mostly, we hang out at The Clubhouse and have a great time!

Clubhouse photo (2 × 3cm) (3)
Clubhouse photo (2 × 3cm) (8)
Clubhouse photo (2 × 3cm) (4)
Clubhouse photo (2 × 3cm) (7)

At the Clubhouse we have…

  • Arts & Craft
  • Messy play (slime, gloop, playdough)
  • Sandpit
  • Rock climbing wall
  • Group games
  • Endless resources
  • Slack lines & swings
  • Den building & loose parts 
  • Forest school
  • Mud kitchen
  • Role play & dressing up 
  • Small world play (action figures, dolls, animals)
  • Discos & parties

Visit our Gallery Page for more pictures!

Here are some extracts from our Outstanding Ofsted report 2018:

  • Staff build exceptional relationships with children and parents.
  • Children develop high self-esteem and confidence.
  • Staff are superb role models.
  • Children’s behaviour is exceptional.
  • The manager and staff are exceptionally vigilant about keeping children safe.
  • They have had very positive feedback from parents about their “real time” online booking system for reserving or changing their child’s sessions.
  • Staff use their expert knowledge about how children play to make sure they engage and motivate them extremely well.
  • Staff are extremely warm and welcoming. They greet children enthusiastically when they collect them from school and talk with them about their day.
  • All children wear high-visibility jackets and are checked in on the setting’s online register when they collect them from school.
  • Safeguarding is effective.

To read the complete Ofsted report click here.

After-School Club – Cirencester – MORCs

Book Now – bookthechildcare.com

Book Now – bookthechildcare.com