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After-School Club – Ashton Keynes – MOAKs

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Mighty Oaks at Ashton Keynes – MOAKs

Children are registered outside in nice weather, ready to enjoy the wide open space and outdoor play equipment. On days when the weather is inclement we use the reception classroom to register and then we are set up to use all of the indoor equipment.

At Ashton Keynes children also have access to the school field; securely fenced, great for football, rugby, assault courses, rounders, running games as well as the playground for bikes and scooters and tarmac art with chalk. We also use the reception classroom for lots of fun activities like role play, arts and crafts, and games!

Our free play approach enables children to develop language, social skills, physical skills, self awareness, autonomy, self assurance and knowledge and understanding of the world. Adult lead play would not offer the freedom that afterschool club does to create and develop in a timeless and unfettered environment.


Chantelle Davis

Club Manager

CACHE Diploma Level 3

PHOTO-2022-05-18-17-12-23 (2)
PHOTO-2022-05-18-17-12-23 (3)

At the Ashton Keynes we have…

  • Arts & Craft
  • Messy play (slime, gloop, playdough)
  • Climbing wall
  • Group games
  • Endless resources
  • Loose parts 
  • Mud kitchen
  • Role play & dressing up 
  • Small world play (action figures, dolls, animals)
  • Bikes, Scooters & Skate Boards

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Here are some extracts from our 2011/2015 Ofsted reports:

Children enjoy playing outside in all weathers and get plenty of fresh air after their day at school. They have good opportunities to learn about a healthy lifestyle and the importance of daily exercise.

Staff are warm and friendly, which helps all children to feel included. This promotes children’s emotional well-being and helps them to develop confidence, supporting their future learning and development.

“Children are happy at the club, enjoying their time with older ones and the staff, whom they get to know well.”

There is a wide range of stimulating resources, which are used effectively to support children’s play.

Outside is used for physical activities such as football, picnics, dressing up and even sitting quietly to read in the natural light.

They successfully develop their speaking and listening skills in conversations or when learning the rules of a card game. Children concentrate for long periods of time while setting their own challenges, such as building marble runs or exploring battery operated toys. Children use spontaneous learning and problem solving as they create patterns with tiny beads or calculate in board games using a dice.

The club offers a happy, relaxed environment for out of school activities.

To read the complete Ofsted report click here.

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